Construction – Season 2010 Part 2

Construction resumed early in the spring, thankfully as the water broke in April so we got a great early start.  But during the long winter we spent our time planning all the inside details for the cottage.  Should the pine be vertical or horizontal, painted or stained, room colours, lighting, furniture, appliances….all the fun stuff!

We really wanted to keep it looking as a traditional cottage, but we do have a tendency towards the modern side, so we worked at combining both aspects.  Some modern touches came out in lighting, more of an modern industrial feel at times and others, more beachy.

We found a mennonite furniture store in London and immediately fell in love with what they offered.  We explained what we were doing, and they were excited and worked very hard with us to furnish the cottage, and in the end, they delivered exceptional products to us, we could not have been happier.

Scheduling the arrival of all inside furniture/appliances/cabinets became a nightmare but come July 22, we finally moved into the new cottage!  But that was not the end of the construction, it continued on for the whole summer and fall around us.

Here again in pictures is the story of Part 2

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