Visiting Brynmorwydd, Wales

This summer, August 2013,  we had the pleasure of going back in time.  On our family trip to Wales (for a family wedding) Terry booked us 5 days in Northern Wales to explore and discover the beginnings of our Cottage.  To visit where Johnny G. Bolt grew up, the original Brynmorwydd, which was part of a big Estate in Llanrhaedr Wales, was like completing the “Circle” that John G. Bolt began many years ago.

Here is Terry’s photo story of our day we named “Johnny Bolt’s Day”

Tracing the history of Johnny Bolt who left Llanrhaedr, Wales and eventually emigrated to Canada in 1912 where he built a cottage. He named the cottage Brynmorwydd after the estate where he grew up. Nearly 100 years later while renovating our cottage on Wood Bay in Ontario we found that wooden sign that named our cottage Brynmorwydd!

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