Cottage Recipes

It’s funny how us Mother’s do not always recognize how much meaning or rather association our recipes have on our families.  It’s not until they leave the house that you find out what are their favourite dishes, or even what they consider “traditions” for occasions such as Christmas and Cottage Season!

Recently one of our off-spring was aghast that I was not making Breakfast Casserole at the cottage for the weekend guests!  I had no idea it was a favourite to the point of basically expecting it would be on the menu!  Needless to say, I was quite happy to fulfill the request the following morning.

So I’ve decided to put together a collection of all the lovely dishes that my family now associate with “Being at the Cottage”.  Just click on the photo and you will be directed to the recipe.  Hope you enjoy!

Recipe Gallery


Breakfast Casserole - 001

Breakfast Casserole

French Toast Casserole - 002

Baked French Toast Casserole

Potato Salad - 001

Summertime Potato Salad


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