Season of 2012

It seems like only yesterday when we drove up North to open up the cottage.  Now, we are beginning to think of closing!  Where did the time go?

But we still will have some great times this month and up until Thanksgiving!

This year we had a lot of fun, lots of visitors (capping off at 21 people for a 2 hour time period) and certainly enjoyed our new toy — a Seadoo!

Unfortunately it would be very remiss of me to not mention the one sad thing.  The passing of Neiman.  The cottage was Neiman’s favourite home.  There were many times when we would pack up to leave, he would walk down to the boat then suddenly turn and make me chase him around the lawn while barking at me!  It was so funny to watch and we have many warm memories of him to look back on as we sit and enjoy our morning coffees.

Here is a snapshot of our season at the Brynmorwydd, for 2012.  I hereby declare that we actually have 5 seasons:  Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and the most important one … Cottage Season!

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