Construction – Fall 2009 Part 1

We purchased our cottage property from my mother in 2005.   We knew that this original cozy cabin would not fit into our future plans but we did not want to rush into any quick decisions.  Besides that, life got in the way as it always does.  We had just finished building a home in Florida, and soon after that, did a major renovation to our home in London, so ya, a new cottage was not top of our priority list.

But finally we sat down to the drawing board and Terry came up with our design.  Second step was to find a contractor, and after a first failed attempt we met with Harry Singer of Singer Construction in Coldwater ON.  Now on to the project, but really, this is where a picture tells the story so much better!  Note, click on images for further details!

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2 Responses to Construction – Fall 2009 Part 1

  1. William Zahavich says:

    I have just recently found your website. It is quite interesting for me ,as I spent the first 17 years of my life during the summers,each year or part as it was my parents.My mother offered it to me,in the early 80’s, but since I live on PEI it was not practical.You have a beautiful cottage, and I like what you did to our original cottage. There is a lot of history there.

    • SweetP says:

      Hello William! Thank you so much for your message. So if I have this correct, Dorothy is your mother? Therefore my parents bought the cottage from your parents in 1984. You are more then welcome to come visit any time you find yourself in Ontario! Do you have any family history to share? We have a lot on John G Bolt, and our one daughter is actually doing further research on Brynmorwydd in Britain. Would love anything you can share! Please feel free to email me directly at

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