2011 Season

It’s that time of year again….winterizing time.  It’s kinda sad.  The summer went by so quickly, but it was a great summer and even a better fall!  We really have been fortunate this year!

But it did not start off all that quiet here.  Third season of construction!  It began with landscaping.  All that lovely sod we had last year, washed away 😦  So began our spring…not cutting grass, planting gardens like I was hoping, but tearing up of the lawn, rocks being laid, soil being added, more rocks and finally lovely green sod and beautiful flowers!

But it did not end there.  Once work in the water could begin, then that barge was back and construction on the new swim dock began, followed by deconstruction of the original dock by the boat house and the boat shelter.  It’s now October, and we are finally seeing the end of the whole construction process!  Just in time for winter no less!

But there was a quiet time here, where we were able to host many friends and family and enjoyed a wonderful season.  Here’s to Summer 2011!  Looking forward to next summer already!  Be safe cottage friends and see you next year!

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1 Response to 2011 Season

  1. agiile says:

    Excellent blog – many thanks for your hospitality this summer!

    Ron & Brenda

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